CountAbout Review 20-19: Personal Finance Software – Pros & Cons

CountAbout Review

Whether its existing balances, personal savings account, charge cards, credit cards, investments, loans, or trades — wanting to stay in addition to one’s own personal financing is not an simple effort.

Not merely can you have to continue to keep an eye on just how much cash you’ve before the next paycheck arrives , but you have to check exactly what extent you’ve contributed up.

With that saidthis can be where famous brands CountAbout intends to provide help.

The advanced FinTech system — that can be found both on line and also via a indigenous mobile program, lets you keep a breast your finances via one heartbeat.

Whether you would like to connect most your bank account right into a portal site, or manage to watch your full month-to-month outgoings in the click of the button CountAbout will be able to assist you to oversee your daily financing.

However, together with annual charges which range from $9.99 to $39.99 yearly, you have to be sure the system is best for the unique wants. Therefore, we’ve established the supreme CountAbout review. Inside we’ve coated the way the stage functions, just how far it’s, what qualities you buy, and also — if it’s’s value having.

Let’s beginning with researching exactly what CountAbout is.


What Exactly Is CountAbout?

In brief, CountAbout can be an internet platform which lets you keep an eye on your own personal financing. Founded in 2015 and established in Wisconsin, CountAbout increased its startup funds by means of crowdfunding stage CrowdFunder.

As the on-line budget distance has gotten notably over-saturated in the last few decades, CountAbout provides a lot of beneficial capabilities that it asserts that makes its stage stick from the audience.

However, on further exploration, it’s virtually par with its most important competitions. But CountAbout will let you export data out of the Mint and also Quicken, which during that right time of producing could be the sole on-line marketing platform with the capacity of executing so.

In in respect to its trademark capabilities, this centers around the capacity to determine your own entire financing at a smooth principal disk drive. By way of instance, CountAbout gives you the ability to incorporate your own personal accounts in to the stage from within 12,500 finance associations.

CountAbout Website

This doesn’t just include banks, credit cards and loans, but stock brokers, too. As such, you get access to a birds-eye view of your entire financial circumstances by simply logging into your CountAbout account.

As we will discuss in more detail further down, the platform also comes with a number of other budgeting tools. This includes the ability to export financial reports, integration with third-party accounting software packages, and expense receipt tracking via a smartphone camera.

So now that we’ve covered the basics, in the next section of our review we are going to discuss the types of external accounts that you can connect.

CountAbout: What Accounts can you Connect?

The overarching selling point utilized by the team at CountAbout is that the platform is compatible with over 12,500 US financial institutions.

As such, you’d be hard pressed to find an external account that isn’t endorsed. CountAbout on their own say that when your bank isn’t listed, and it’s not a foreign bank, then by letting them know they should be able to integrate it.

Let’s breakdown the main types of accounts that you can connect.

Import Accounts

Bank Accounts

The obvious starting point is the integration of your bank accounts. This can be your everyday checking account, savings accounts, and even CD accounts. In fact, as the CountAbout system is linked with the underlying institution as opposed to the specific account type, you’ll be able to import all of your respective bank-based accounts.

Credit Cards

Keeping track of your credit card payments can be challenging. This is especially true if you hold balances with multiple providers, all of which will have conflicting repayment dates. Nevertheless, as long as the credit card issuer is US based, you’ll be able to connect it with your CountAbout account.


Much like in the case of your credit cards, keeping abreast of your loan repayments can be cumbersome. Whether it’s personal loans, auto title loans, or business loans — you can import your debt obligations into CountAbout. This makes it super easy to see what you need to pay and when.


If you’re actively involved in the investment space, then you might be in a position where you have a highly diversified portfolio across multiple platforms. This might include your stocks and shares holdings, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. Whatever it might be, you can connect your brokerage accounts into CountAbout.

As we noted in the bank account section above, CountAbout is connected with the institution themselves as opposed to your individual portfolios, meaning that irrespective of what assets you hold, CountAbout will support it. This is of course on the proviso that CountAbout is able to support your chosen broker. If they don’t, then inquire to put in them!

So given you realize the kinds of account you may incorporate, permit’s see exactly what you could certainly do using them.

Linked Accounts: What do you really do?

It is very important to be aware that after you’ve connected your own account, your own capacities will ride in your own pricing program. Since we all’ll pay somewhat farther down, you can find just two accounts varieties — that the simple accounts ($9.99 annually ) along with also the superior accounts ($39.99 annually ).

If you’ve the fundamental accounts, you won’t be able to benefit from an automatic upload of account transactions. Instead, you will need to manually update each and every account by importing a QIF file. In order to do this, you’ll need to manually download the file from the respective institution.

This is somewhat problematic, not least because it would make it near-impossible to get a real-time overview on your finances. To do this, you would need to schedule a periodic upload of QIF files, for example on a weekly or monthly basis. However, this would be extremely time consuming.

Moreover, even if you were to do this on a weekly basis, you would still not get the most out of the CountAbout platform, because you wouldn’t receive immediate accessibility to realtime accounts.

With that said, in the event that you will make use of CountAbout, then you’re likely best off with the superior option. In doing this, every one your previously structured accounts will probably upgrade privately. Even though you however have to teach the stage to carry out a automatic entry, this carries an issue of minutes.

Is it Safe to Link Your Personal Accounts?

The evident question which springs into your mind is whether it is best to offer a comparatively new corporation just like CountAbout usage of a full budget. Make sure that your banking accounts balances, investment debt or portfolios obligations, to find the absolute most out from this stage you have to export whatever.

As famous from the stage — “Users’ solitude and protection is of extreme significance, also CountAbout shields your own personal and fiscal advice in lots of techniques. “

In its most basic form, CountAbout utilizes an external mining process known as Data Aggregation. Without getting too technical, Data Aggregation companies begin the process by obtaining the required permission (from you) to then extract data from your specified financial institutions. When the data is collected, it is done so in an encrypted format.

As a result, the only way that the information can be viewed is via your CountAbout portal. In layman terms, this means that CountAbout themselves have no access to your personal information, nor can they do anything with the permission you grant them. In this sense, your personal accounts and sensitive financial information is safe and secure.

CountAbout Pricing

As we noted earlier, CountAbout offers two main plans. The basic plan comes at a cost of $9.99 per year. For this, you get each and every feature offered by CountAbout, apart from the automatic transaction uploads. For this, you will need the premium account which costs $39.99 per year.

On the one hand, the premium account is four times the price of its basic counterpart, and you only get one additional feature. However, it is this feature in particular that is required to get a full 360 degrees overview of your financial circumstances.

As a side note, the platform offers a 15 day trial for those that are yet to register an account. The trial gives you fully-fledged access to the premium account. If at the end of the trial you don’t desire to move, you may easily walk off.

CountAbout Pricing

What Other Features Does CountAbout Offer?

Although the trademark feature provided by CountAbout could be your 12,500 finance institutions you may incorporate your account together with the stage
provides lots of additional helpful added benefits. This’s the break down of stuff you could certainly do.

Accounting Software

If you’re a freelancer or conducting your little company, then you definitely’ll be happy to recognize the CountAbout gives you the ability to incorporate possibly Quicken or even Mint. Even though these are tremendously common bookkeeping bundles, it’d have been fine in the event the system supported additional options like Sage or QuickBooks. But should you choose to join your bookkeeping applications, every one your trades will probably likely be automatically erased.

Full Customization

You have the Possiblity to Totally Customise your CountAbout System. Whether or not you would like to concentrate in your own present accounts account or your own credit card and bank loan payments, you’re able to customise your principal dash but you see fit.


The CountAbout system gives you the ability to generate, view and control your budgets easily. If you’re searching to store to get a specific landmark or end up debt-free as promptly as you possibly can, you’re able to cause because many funds as you would like.


While the majority of this CountAbout stage is dedicated to using external information, you have the occasion to export your fiscal advice in an abysmal format. This consists of reports in your own entire accounts, investing customs, and also everything outgoings you’ve got expected for the rest of the thirty day period.

You may also develop an Assets versus Liabilities report. You resources are going to be studied from the own bank accounts and expense accounts, and also your obligations will appear at exactly what debts you’ve got out standing.

Native Mobile App

If you’re the kind of individual who enjoys to stay in addition to one’s finances while still on the road, then the CountAbout system is available using a passionate mobile program. At that time of composing this handles both equally iOS along with Android apparatus.

Howeverthe consensus is the cellular program is currently in dire need of progress, perhaps not because several of the account characteristics readily available on the web aren’t still available in the own mobile. It comes with a chance to bring in custom made studies.

Mobile Expense Audit — $10 each 12 months

If you own a prerequisite to maintain an eye on your business expenses, then you certainly can certainly do it via a merchant accounts add-in, that charges an extra $10 each 12 months. You only have a graphic of this reception that’s for this trouble, then this will be automatically inserted to a CountAbout expenditure report.

Invoicing — $60 each 12 months

If you realize that you are wasting hundreds of hours creating invoices to exactly the exact men and women, it may be well worth considering that the CountAbout invoicing characteristic. While it will not charge an extra $60 each calendar year, the add-in will probably help save a considerable quantity of time.

Moreover, perhaps not only are you able to make bills also possess CountAbout mail them specifically for your customers, but also you might even keep tabs on these by means of your accounts dash.

CountAbout Review — The Bottom Line?

In short it’s complicated to have overly enthused concerning the CountAbout system. Aside from promoting the occasion to export your Quicken or even Mint account applications bundles, there isn’t a thing particular by exactly what CountAbout gives.

Primarily, though it’s noteworthy you may join personal reports from greater than 12,500 finance associations, that really is minimal usage if you’re not pleased to pay for the $39.99 commission to the account.

The main reason to that can be the 9.99 fundamental account doesn’t import accounts trades mechanically, meaning you want to manually add a single QIF document out of each one the associations that you need attached.

Moreover, you’ll have to get this done on the repeated basis to find the absolute most out from this stage.

Neverthelessthe superior commission it self will not workout in under $3.40 a 30 days. Together with that said it’s’s a fair price tag for whatever you basically buy.

When you factor in the capacity to build accounts, place budgets, and also customise your whole dash, it’s worth carrying CountAbout their 1-5 day trial offer to check whether you like to dedicate into the yearly price.



Count About Review

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