Hargreaves Lansdown Review 20-19: Investment Platform Pros & Cons

Hargreaves Lansdown Review

With above 1,000,000 customers, also 9 1 billion under control, Hargreaves Lansdown could be your greatest private invest or investmentplatform while in the UK.

The Bristol based firm was set in July 1981, also recorded on the London Stock Exchange for its Very First Time in May 2007.

Hargreaves Lansdown is recorded on the FTSE 100an established industry leader with numerous awards, also investors with an all-inclusive platform which comes with a huge selection of investment possibilities in addition to other free means and solutions.

Today’s review will probably try to insure the business’s large collection of goods , also we will soon be reviewing:

  • The Hargreaves Lansdown Stocks and alarms.

    Wealth fifty

    Due to this fair numbers of expense capital readily available with all the amount totaled above 3,000, Hargreaves Lansdown has now produced The Wealth fifty that’s a recap of the pros’ favourite funds.

    Wealth 50

    Wealth 50 funds are selected according to the following criteria:

    • A distinguished career — By analyzing the manager’s entire career, so they know their strengths.
    • A fantastic track record — a fund manager needs a history of good performance across different market conditions.
    • A robust process — Hargreaves Lansdown meets managers a number of times to get a deep understanding of how they invest, and at least once a year when they’re on the list.

    Crucially, Hargreaves Lansdown does not take any payment or commission for funds to appear on the Wealth 50, they are chosen strictly by their performance potential. Hargreaves Lansdown is also able to leverage its large client base in order to negotiate with other financial companies and lock down some of the lowest fund charges across the industry.

    The Vantage Service Investment platform

    The Vantage Service investment platform acts as a central hub and operates as a “onestop store ” for investors looking for a wide range of choices. The online platform provides easy access to a broad range of investment classes, including . There are also numerous finance professionals and fund managers taking care of your specific financial needs.


  • Commissions and fees can be on the high side depending on how you use the platform. Hargreaves Lansdown is at times not one of the cheapest options available and they are cheaper alternatives for trading accounts and investment services.
  • The platform also includes high exit fees, and customers with SIPPs may feel dissatisfied with the exit fees charged by Hargreaves Lansdown. For some there may be a feeling of being locked in as a result of the exit fees.
  • The customer service platform could be improved with customers restricted to calling in or sending in emails. A significant amount of users would benefit from being able to talk via live chat and discuss issues online in real time.
  • The fundamental research made available is top class, however, the charting and technical analysis tools could be improved; this is an issue that affects more experienced traders, however, the platform can be updated with the design made more user friendly.

Research and Other Features

The website is stacked with research tools and having an online account gives you access to various innovative features including general and market news sections, research and tips, market insights and statistics, as well as a range of guides and calculators.

Stock market and sector reports keep you updated with the latest developments of global stock markets. In addition, the previous week’s most traded stocks can be reviewed in the’Top of those shares’ section and it’s possible to compare the percentage share of deals conducted and the value of transactions of the week’s total dealings. Registered member also receive market updates via e-mail which cover the FTSE 100’s big movers and fallers, broker analysis and tips, as well as share research data.

The research area also makes a large amount of fundamental company data available, and allows anyone to analyze the price chart of a stock or fund and use various technical analysis indicators. For beginners, the guide section may be most important as there are beginner guides that cover the basics of investing, how funds work, and clearly explain the stock market and shares. While the website also features a Knowledge Centre which lists a selection of frequently asked questions and answers regarding ISAs, SIPPs, VCTs, investment trusts, annuities and ETFs.

Investment Ideas

A section of the website is dedicated to helpful investment ideas, and currently, a UK equity fund by Artemis Income is under consideration, as is an emerging markets fund by JP Morgan. The Lindsell Train Global Equity fund invests in top performing companies with the intention of holding the shares long term. The Wealth 150 list and Master Portfolios are also popular products and Master Portfolios target long-term investors, and include five categories of portfolio style.

Live Share Prices

As part of their share dealing service, the website provides constantly updated live share prices free of charge. Key metrics including market cap, previous close, trade high and low and total volume are available. While updated graphs and broker preference charts can also be viewed, in addition, your portfolio valuation is included in the service and can be viewed at any time.

Share Prices

In addition to trading stocks and shares of FTSE-100 companies, it’s also possible to deal in overseas shares, and American, European, and Canadian shares can be traded online or on the move via the app. Gilts, investment trusts, corporate bonds and exchange traded funds van also be managed online. For many, the ability to set your own price for buying and selling certain shares up to 30 days in advance is a major selling point. You will also be notified when your targeted value has been reached, so that you can limit your orders and minimise your losses.

Automatic Dividend Reinvestment

Anyone opting for automatic dividend reinvestments will see their dividends automatically reinvested once they reach your preferred level. This is a low-cost dividend reinvestment scheme with a good deal of flexibility, which allows customers to maximise their investments in an easy to manage way.

You can also take advantage of the Price Improvement Service, which can poll no less than thirty market markers at any one time, giving you the best price and ensuring higher revenues with considerable savings on your buys and sells.

Other Features

The company was declared the Best ISA Provider in 2014 by Money Week and the Best Investment ISA of 2016/17 by the Personal Finance Awards. Furthermore, Hargreaves Lansdown was voted the Best SIPP Provider for 10 years in a row by’What Investment’ and the Best Online SIPP Provider in of 2017 by Your Money.

Hargreaves Lansdown is able to leverage its status as a leading financial products provider and in addition to earning dividends for buying your shares through their platform, you can also use your shareholder status to benefit from shopping, food, and travel discounts. Shareholders also have access to exhibits, company tours and shareholder meetings depending on the amount of shares, and share types held.

Hargreaves Lansdown Customer Reviews

The company currently has mixed reviews online, with some of the complaints mentioning that their website is not easy to use. Other people refer to exit fees not being more clearly marked.

At the time of writing, they have a 2 star rating on Trustpilot which is classified as “Poor”.

Customer Reviews

HL understand their most common critique is the exit fee.It is reflected in the over 50% of the reviews on trust pilot with similar sentim
ent. They have still continued to fail to make it transparent on their platform to provide consumers information for many years addressing this issue. understandably choosing favourable information from the fine print to place in view for investors is ideal. Of the important investor information one clearly is important. the exit platform fee. To not have it in bold is an attempt to deflect what their competitors offer. It is in their right to do so if the information is in the fine print. this platform is good for people who need a call to understand something very explicitly. but in contrast its not the same for providing basic information without entering pages of fine print. If HL believes they are providing superior value than competitors. why has HL not made it obvious to investors of their higher charges as a reflection of the value that some positive reviews address on here.
Sammy Hastings

Telephone and online responses are great. Website and App are easy to navigate, easy to buy and sell. Portfolio x-ray reviews are very helpful. But, this could also be simulation(before buying).Need share and ETF charges to be lower, following monthly saver is a long wait. Need more EM shares to deal.


Hargreaves Lansdown is a generally well respected and established UK company dealing in investment products and services. The company provides access to a wide range of products and allows customers to invest in popular products such as Stocks and Shares and Cash ISAs, SIPPs, and various savings and investment funds and accounts.

The Vantage Stocks & Shares ISA and the Hargreaves Lansdown Vantage SIPP are seen as leading products while the stock dealing service makes it easy for people to gain exposure to trading stocks and shares.

In addition, products such as the Active Savings service allow people to easily increase the returns on their cash savings by investing in savings products from a range of UK banks and building societies at the touch of a button.

While this ease of use is a major plus, the wealth of resources available on the site may come at a premium for investors. Certain fees and charges are bettered by competitors and some customers have stated that they were charged a fee for moving their investments onto another platform, and currently most exit transfer fees range from around 25 to just under 300.

In addition, anyone conducting just a handful of stock/share trades a month will have to pay a 11.95 fee which adds up over time and may not represent the best value for money. However, investors with larger portfolios may find the platform’s fees to be more competitive, especially as investors with portfolios worth 2 million or more may be exempt from fees and can negotiate charge discounts on an individual basis.

As a result, Hargreaves Lansdown is a good choice for investors of various experience levels, and provides investment choices from simple savings accounts to more complex CFDs and spread betting. The level of customer service is also impressive, and includes the support team, website resources, and mobile apps.

As certain savings accounts can be opened in minutes and allow you to start saving by depositing just 25 per month via debit card. The best bet may be to get started with a simple product and progress once you become more comfortable with the platform. However, people with higher capital needs may find it necessary to consult professional advice before committing to any financial service provider.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown Review

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  • Industry Leader
  • Wide range of Services
  • FCA Regulated
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Fees can be High
  • Exit Fees