InboxDollars Review 20-19: Earn Money Online for Surveys & Online Tasks

InboxDollars Review

If you’re searching to earn a little additional dollars in the coziness of of one’s own house, you then may be considering an internet study platform which benefits you on the own time. The essential dilemma within this specific field of this work-from-home stadium is two fold.

Firstly, the majority of the platforms which we encounter around cover really modest it simply isn’t worth your time. Secondly, even if you are able to build up your points tally, you are often required to meet a huge threshold before you can turn your points into real-world cash.

With that being said, InboxDollars is one such platform that appears to be growing in popularity in the online space, not least because members are paid on a cash-only basis — as opposed to points. Moreover, not only will you get paid for undertaking surveys, but you can also earn money by completing other tasks such as watching videos or playing games.

If you’ve recently come across the InboxDollars platform and you’re thinking about signing up, be sure to read our in-depth review first. We cover all of the important factors that we think you should know — such as how InboxDollars works, how much you can earn, and how you can cash your rewards out.

Let’s start by getting an overview of what InboxDollars actually is.


What is InboxDollars?

If you’ve ever come across an online survey website such as the likes of SurveyJunkie — then you’ll likely know the drill. In a nutshell, InboxDollars is a third-party platform that gives you the opportunity of completing online tasks.

In return for your time and effort, the InboxDollars platform will reward you with cash. This is in stark contrast to its industry counterparts, which typically operate on a points system.

As we will explain further down in our review, InboxDollars gives you multiple ways to earn cash. While its proprietary business models centers around surveys, you can also earn money by using its search engine, referring friends, listening to the radio, shopping online, and playing games on your mobile phone.

InboxDollars Website

If you’re wondering how InboxDollars is able to pay you with cash for completing simple tasks, this is because the platform partners with real-world brands. While its partnerships cover companies of all sizes, notable firms include the likes of Netflix, Groupon, and JustFab.

In terms of the fundamentals, the InboxDollars website was first launched in 2000, which makes it one of the oldest platforms in this particular niche. Interestingly, InboxDollars has also been recognized as an Inc 5000 company on multiple occasions. For those unaware, companies that fall within this bracket are identified as the 5,000 fastest growing firms in the US — which in the case of InboxDollars, is pretty impressive.

Fully in-line with the company’s ongoing growth, InboxDollars has since expanded internationally. For example, the company launched InboxPounds to the UK market in 2012, and DailyRewards in Canada in 2014.

Furthermore, the InboxDollars platform was purchased by Prodege this year, meaning that the platform now falls under the same umbrella as Swagbucks. Finally, InboxDollars claims to have paid a total of $60 million in cash to its members since 2006.

So now that you have a good understanding of what InboxDollars is, in the next section of our review we are going to explore how surveys work at the platform.

Taking Surveys at InboxDollars

Note: When you first register an account with InboxDollars, the platform will load your account with $5. However, you won’t be in a position to income $5 outside and soon you accomplish the minimal withdrawal brink of 30.

Here’s a break down of all that you want to learn about accepting polls at InboxDollars.

Surveys — Getting Started

Apart from speaking relatives and friends, getting polls at InboxDollars has turned into really the most powerful direction of creating funds. Businesses the stage has partnered with are still trying to extract views out of regular consumers, and that’s the reason they truly are prepared to cover the own time.

First and foremost, the most polls available in InboxDollars on average arrive in just two important varieties. When some polls are readily available to most InboxDollars membersothers’ are in an’invite-only’ foundation. This isn’t so similar to additional research programs at the distance

Before you can get started taking polls at InboxDollars, you have to complete your account. This should have a wide selection of inquiries like where your home is, just how many men and women reside within your family, exactly what your earnings is, even at which you might have traveled in the previous five decades, no matter whether you are a house owner, and also exactly what sort of transport that you generally require.

Account Signup

If you’re wanting to know why InboxDollars requirements this advice, it is only because sure polls are personalized to certain demographics. As an instance, in case a kid foods manufacturer desired to judge the belief of moms with kids, they’d possess a exact special market at heart.

There is not any style of adapting your replies to provide you with a much increased likelihood of acquiring much more poll chances, since it certainly is dependent upon just what exactly the stage’s spouses want. Therefore, you’re best recommended to finish the account demand together with honest solutions.

Surveys — Subjects

In relation to exactly what subject are as you are going to soon be requested to perform polls , which really is about just about whatever. Once more, the particular polls which you’re presented will ride in your own profile, in addition to the pursuits which you simply outline throughout the enrollment procedure.


Nevertheless, polls will normally are categorized as one among these topics:

  • Cars
  • Fashion
  • Home Renovation
  • Travel
  • Groceries and Shopping
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Politics and Current Events
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance

Surveys — Time and Rewards

InboxDollars urge that polls may shoot anywhere from three full moments, all of the way in which upward to twenty five minutes. In a few instances, the more the period needed to finish the poll, the much more you may receive paidoff. In the decrease endyou are going to just earn about $0.50 for finishing a 3 5 minute poll.

If we’re able to accomplish the maths conservatively ($0.50 a five min ), that would add up to $6 a hour. But we also have encounter polls which cover only $0.25, together with InboxDollars advising we ought to count on the poll to just take 9 moments of the own time. It delivers a $6 million hourly commission straight down into merely $1.66!

As these, the particular sum which you may get will range considerably. In our connection with working with the stage hence much, the highest-paid polls were people who were available to people in an invite-only foundation. The poll question predicated on home bookkeeping computer software bundles, having a 25-minute poll offering $ 1-2.

Other Ways to Earn Cash at InboxDollars

As may be true with the majority of survey web sites within the internet stadium, InboxDollars provides you hundreds of tactics to make advantages. The particular quantity which you’re ready to get will be contingent upon many of facets, like the kind of undertaking, simply how long is necessary, and also the partner supporting the physical exercise.

Nevertheless, right here’s a break down of a number of their absolute most often encountered activities which may make it possible for one to generate rewards in InboxDollars.

Earning Options


One of the quickest methods to continue to keep your hard earned money balance moving along well at InboxDollars will be really to see content. The stage describes that substantial businesses need regular consumers to put on vulnerability with their own recently published content whether this’s an impending motion picture or TV series, or even perhaps a newly established merchandise.

In regard to the particular matters, this ranges from health, food, tech, co information, enjoyment, and sometimes even celeb gossip. Additionally, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you find the content interesting if your primary goal is to earn cash.

The InboxDollars platform will typically release between 24 and 30 new videos each and every day, which gives you plenty of opportunities to earn. Each video will usually last for 2 minutes, meaning that you could get through around 1 hour’s worth every day if you maximized what’s on offer.

It is important to note that the pay-out framework offered to members when watching videos is different from that of surveys. The reason for this is that InboxDollars will reward you with a’digital scratch card’ as opposed to cold-hard cash.

Once you receive your scratchcard, you will need to virtually scratch it off on-screen. Every scratchcard will come with a fixed cash prize, with the v
ast majority paying between $0.05 and $0.25 per card. However, it is also possible to land a prize of up to $25 — albeit, this is a rarity.

The key problem with watching videos at InboxDollars is that you are likely to receive the minimum prize of $0.05 more often than not. As such, watching the maximum allocation of 30 2-minute videos would yield you just $1.50. Furthermore, don’t consider observing InboxDollars video clips onto the 4g info relationship, whilst the info consumption ranges can provide you with longer than you will likely get cash!

Reading Emails

Getting paid to see mails which can be shipped by way of the InboxDollars system works in a related approach to seeing movies, insofar that surfaced brand names are trying to introduce you for their own service or product. More over, the reward technique works at an identical manner as seeing movies since you are going to undoubtedly be obtaining virtual scratch-cards, rather than funds.

However, in case you are given a promotional e mail plus then you check out finish the duty (such as registering for and including website that provides a 1-month complimentary trial offer ), then you definitely are going to get extra advantages — paid in funds. Once more, that the particular sum which you are going to likely be paid may vary tremendously.

On the flip side, should you go to this specific bringing chance, then it’s necessary to not forget your email accounts is inclined to become bombarded using promotional mails. Therefore, in the event that you’re making use of your main email speech in InboxDollars, it really is very likely to eventually become rather annoying promptly!

Search Engine

In an similar manner in SurveyMonkey, InboxDollars additionally provides you with the possibility to generate advantages in substitution with the stage’s searchengine. About the 1 hand, that really is actually a super-easy approach to get started accumulating your earnings, but maybe not because search-engine gains have been compensated in funds.

Howeveryou are going to just be paid out $0.01 for each hunts you create. It may continue to be well worth considering while the searchengine is driven by Yahoo, therefore there is not going to be any problems using the dependability of the outcomes. In addition to creating $0.01 for every single four hunts, additionally you will have about three tickets into the everyday sweepstake contest. This really is the location where you’ve the occasion to win money prizes only for carrying a ticket.

Playing Games

InboxDollars has partnerships using a wide selection of small-to-medium sport programmers which are searching to ensure it is big from the ultra-competitive cellular programs distance. Therefore they truly are prepared to cover folks to try out their games. Generally in the majority of instances, you stand the probability of creating a couple pennies exclusively for downloading and setting up the program in your own cell gadget.

Some gambling programmers can cover you extra money in the event that you have the ability to accomplish certain degrees within this match. That will be always to be certain people actually examine out the game, instead of regretting it soon because they acquire their benefit against InboxDollars.

On very top of video matches, InboxDollars in addition has partnered with GSN Casino. InboxDollars describes the each and every $1 that you invest in the on-line gambling stage, you are going to receive 18 percent cash back.

We would indicate that you just keep out of that specific bringing potential, because you stand the exact real likelihood of dropping weight. To put it differently, as fantastic as 18 percent cash-back sounds, even in the event that you wind up shedding the match then you’ll still have significantly less than that which you began with!

Online Shopping

In an identical nature into the GSN Casino venture, InboxDollars can supply you with cash back each single time you get services or goods through a number among its Welcome businesses. By way of instance, by purchasing your on-line shopping using Walmarts by way of the InboxDollars connection, you are getting 5 percent cash back.

In this way, it may be well worth consideringnot because you’re planning to get the supermarket online anyhow. But it’d get no way to buy some thing using the only real goal of creating cash back out of InboxDollars. Specially in the event that you overlook’t actually need the product!

So now that we have covered the main earning opportunities available at InboxDollars, in the next section we are going to explore the withdrawal process.

How do I get Paid at InboxDollars?

Minimum Withdrawals

First and foremost, it is crucial to note that you will not be able to request a withdrawal of your earnings until you reach a minimum of $30. This is somewhat high when you factor in the level of earnings that you can realistically make.

While getting frequent invite-only surveys will certainly get you there faster, relying on video, email, and gaming tasks will potentially take a lifetime!

Some platforms in the online survey arena allow you to withdraw your earnings when you reach just $5, so it is a bit disappointing that InboxDollars have set the threshold so high.

InboxDollars Payments

Transaction Fees

A further drawback to the InboxDollars withdrawal process is that the platform will charge you a $3 transaction fee if the withdrawal amount is below $40. As such, when you finally reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $30, you are essentially paying 10% in fees. Considering just how many tasks you might be required to complete to earn $3, this is once again a bit of a letdown.

Payments Options

As we have repeatedly noted throughout our review thus far, InboxDollars pays all rewards in cash, as opposed to the more conventional points system utilized by other survey platforms. However, InboxDollars also gives you other options such as an online gift card.

Nevertheless, you will need to head over to your account dashboard and select the’Request Payment’ option. You will then see the list of options available to you.

If it is cash that you are looking for, you will either need to do this via a prepaid Visa e-card or a check. This is somewhat surprising, as most survey platforms operating in this space will give you the option of receiving the funds via PayPal, not least because you can then withdraw the money straight to your bank account.

On the contrary, if you opt for the prepaid Visa, then you will need to use the money to purchase something online. As such, the only way to truly receive your earnings in cold-hard cash is to request a check.

If you are interested in obtaining a gift card from InboxDollars, this can also be arranged. Popular options include Amazon and Walmart.

How Long do Withdrawals Take?

The length of time that it will take for you to receive your funds will depend on your account status and the specific payment method you opt for. If you are looking to make an e-payment (which is everything apart from a check) — and you are not a gold member, then your payment request will take between 10 and 16 days before it is executed by InboxDollars.

Although this is extremely slow, you will instantly move up to a gold member status once the first payment has been facilitated. Once you are a gold member, the team at InboxDollars will process payments once a week. All requests processed before Sunday will be paid the following Wednesday. As such, if you were to request a payment on Monday, it would not be paid until the following Wednesday (i.e. 9 days).

If you are instead looking to receive a check, the end-to-end processing time is even longer. While the weekly payment system for gold members remains constant, you will need to add up to 14 working days on top to factor in the postage time-frame. Once you
receive the check, you can pay it straight into your regular US checking account.

Take note — regardless of which payment method you opt for, you need to ensure that all of the information on your account is correct. For example, if the check is issued in the right wrong name, InboxDollars will not be able to help you (on the proviso it was your mistake).

Customer Support and Public Reviews at InboxDollars

Online survey platforms are often known for offering below-par customer support, not least because they do not have the required resources to offer a fully-fledged customer service team. However, customer support at InboxDollars is surprisingly reasonable.

Firstly, you have the option of speaking with a human agent via an in-house live chat facility. Typically, the only option that survey sites give you is an online support ticket system, which can take days before you receive a reply. As such, although waiting times can at times be lengthy, it is notable that a live chat option exists.

Alternatively, you also have the option of contacting InboxDollars via one of their social media accounts. This includes Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

When it comes to the reputation of the platform, the general consensus is that InboxDollars does everything that it promises. There appears to be no issues surrounding payments, which is always a good sign. After all, the platform has been around since 2000, and it claims to serve more than 10 million members. This gives InboxDollars a long-standing pedigree of just under two decades.

Over at TrustPilot, the survey platform has a’Great’ score of 4.2/5. As this is based on more than 7,400 individual reviews, this further highlights the general consensus that InboxDollars is a reputable survey platform to join.

InboxDollars: The Bottom Line?

If you have read our InboxDollars review from start to finish, you should now have a really good idea as to whether or not the survey platform is worth your time. Ultimately, it will come as no surprise to learn that you won’t get wealthy using InboxDollars, nor are you going to be in a position to get paid enough funds to afford a more fulltime source of income.

However — as could be true for additional top survey programs at the distance, InboxDollars is still a simple solution to earn a couple bucks on both sides. Together with that said, as opposed to healing InboxDollars because of a second supply of income, then it may be well worth utilizing the stage once you own somewhat of time and effort. This way it is possible to concentrate on more worthwhile responsibilities like invite-only polls.




Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Uses Income rather of things
  • Lots of supplies
  • Large nicely respected firm
  • Connected to Large Businesses
  • Passive earnings from speaking Pals


  • Website Is a Bit outdated
  • $3 processing charge
  • No PayPal option