SureTrader Review 2019: How Online Broker Complete Guide with Pros & Cons

Suretrader Review

Attempting to discover an internet broker that satisfies your preferences are sometimes an intimidating job, perhaps not because you can find a lot of trading programs operating from the internet distance.

If you’re searching to get a broker which eases shares — each huge and little, options and ETFs, afterward it may be well worth having a glance in SureTrader. Most importantly, the stage allure to people situated from the U.S. who are looking to get around the allimportant’Pattern Day Trader’ regulations.

In our SureTrader reviewwe’ll protect every thing you should know more about the broker. This includes the kinds of stocks you may trade, commissions, regulatory standing, support and much more.

By the conclusion of scanning our SureTrader review from beginning to end, then you’ll be armed with each one the essential instruments to see whether they’re exactly the ideal broker for you personally.

Let’s beginning with figuring out that SureTrader happens to be.


Who is SureTrader and What Can They perform?

Although the stage supplies a large selection of assistance options, people opinion has been a bit separation. When some end users assert that support is not anything lacking topnotch at SureTrader, there’s likewise a lot of unwanted reviews also.

So today we’ve insured support, permit’s look at exactly what educational and investigation applications are offered in the broker.

Educational, Fundamental and Technical Analysis Tools in SureTrader

Although we’re within the belief the SureTrader system is most likely perfect worthy of advanced traders, the broker will supply a fantastic assortment of educational stuff to experienced investors.

This comes with a fullyfledged site which has educational manuals for novices. This handles issues including as for instance’The difference medially options and futures’,’Trading strategies for beginners’ and also’Day trading vs long-term trading’.

On very top of this educational heart, SureTrader additionally provide an all-inclusive trading simulation. This really is the location where you have to test-out the stage without even risking your own funds.

Although this may be helpful for all those who have minimal encounter, demonstration accounts in many cases are constrained in their own efficacy. The essential comprehension behind that can be that and soon you gamble your money, you won’t get a grasp of the emotional side of trading.

Research tools

Regardless of how experienced you are in the trading sphere, all investors require third party sources to analysis the potentialities of the share they want to speculate in.

If you’re the type of trader that relies heavily on technical analysis, then it is worth considering the SureTrader Desktop platform. Although this costs $49 per month, you’ll have access to a full suite of trading tools. Alternatively, the free section is somewhat limited.

In terms of the fundamentals — which refers to real-world developments that can affect the value of an share, unfortunately this isn’t some thing you may readily obtain at SureTrader.

Although there’s just a passionate press department, that really is scarcely upgraded. Therefore, though a small deterrent, you will want to do fundamental ratings from other origins.

So today we’ve coated educational and exploration components, within the future area of the guide we’re likely to reveal you the way you can start in SureTrader.

How to become Started With SureTrader

If you believe SureTrader could be the proper on-line broker to the unique wants, afterward we’ll reveal to you the way you are able to begin. Adhere to our straightforward detail by detail guidelines to start a single account.

  1. Head around into the SureTrader stage To Find the account launching procedure under method, head around into the SureTrader System. To get matters simpler for you personally, only just click here.Once there, just click Open an Account.
  2. Enter some simple data In first region of the application form procedure, you will want to input some simple info. Input your complete name, current email and cell phone number.
  3. Choose which kind of investor you’re Although less strict as the other on-line brokers, then you’ll still must ensure what kind of investor you’re. In the event you’re only trading in a single base then pick out Individual.In another thing, you’ll then have to input extra data, like the own country of residence and day of arrival. What’s more, in addition you ought to define what type of buying and selling that you’ll be job.
    The options are the following:* Short-term yields * Additional profits * Saving investment * Future preparation (retirement etc.. )
  4. Insert info on your risk tolerance and origin of capital Although SureTrader are governed out the U.S., the stage still includes regulatory duties depending on possibility tolerance. To put it differently, they must be certain you are in possession of the complete grasp of their inherent pitfalls of buying and selling online.Go throughout the listing of inquiries and then reply them to all one’s own abilities. SureTrader simply want approximations, thus don’t worry if your risk tolerance changes at a later date. Within the similarly page you’ll also need to confirm where your source of trading funds have originated from.
  5. Confirm your wealth levels As is industry standard in the online brokerage space, you’ll also need to provide SureTrader with your current wealth levels. This covers your annual income, net worth and liquid net worth. Moreover, if you’re currently employed, you’ll need to enter the details of your current employer.
  6. Tax form W8 submission If you’re based in the U.S., or a U.S. citizen living abroad, then you’ll need to fill out your W8 tax form. This is a legal requirement, no matter which online broker you use. Make sure the details that you enter are correct, otherwise you might have experience issues with the IRS further down the line.
  7. Upload copies of your ID and proof of address You’ll now need to upload a copy of a government issued ID (such as a passport) and a proof of address document (such as a utility bill).
  8. Wait for your account to be verified Now that you’ve gone through the end-to-end account opening process, the team at SureTrader will now begin verifying your information.Although SureTrader advise that this is likely to take medially 2-5 business days, in most cases it is many sooner. Nevertheless, as soon as you receive an email confirming that your account has been opened, you’ll be able to make a deposit and begin trading.

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SureTrader Review: The Verdict?

In summary, we think that the SureTrader platform is best suited to a specific type of trader. If you’ve got some trading experience under your belt, then they might well be the broker for you.

More specifically, if you’re an active trader based in the U.S., or a U.S. citizen living overseas, then you’ll be able to bypass the Pattern Day Trader rules that require you to hold a minimum margin balance of $25,000.

In terms of fees, our SureTrader review found that a flat fee of $4.95 (plus $0.10 per share) is highly reasonable for equity trading. Although the fees go on to decline when you trade larger volumes, you’ll need to turnover at least $250,000 per month to be eligible. However, if you do trade serious amounts, you can get your per trade fee down to just $1.99 ($0.004 for each share).

When it comes to regulation, although the broker is based in the Bahamas, they are still in full receipt of the required licenses to offer their services, including those from the U.S. Moreover, as SureTrader have been in operation after all 2008, they have built up a healthy reputation from the online community.

In terms of the negatives, we were slightly disappointed with the lack of availability regarding futures, mutual funds and forex trading, although with more than 10,000 stocks hosted, there’s plenty of securities to choose from.

Finally, it is a slight shame that the platform does not put more emphasis in to their research analysis department, although it can only be hoped that this is something SureTrader are working on.




Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • No pattern day trading rules
  • Low Minimum Deposit $500
  • Easy to Use Trading Software
  • Margin Trading
  • Good Charting Tools


  • $50 inactivity fee quarterly for accounts with less than 15 trades
  • $40 fee for outgoing funds
  • Lacking some stocks to trade