Survey Junkie Review 20-19: Everything You Need to Know – Pros & Cons

Survey Junkie Review

If you’re reading this review, subsequently it’s possible that you simply’re searching to make a little bit of additional dollars on the other side, all from over the coziness of of one’s own house. While that really is possible nowadays, you must be aware. Fundamentally, the web is filled with sites which promise to be in a position to get you tens of thousands of bucks each week. But the majority of the really are only a fraud.

The fantastic news for you personally is the fact that Survey Junkie isn’t any company. In addition they’ve been usable to its optimal/optimally portion of 14 decades today, meaning that they’ve secured an superb standing within the internet poll distance. About the flip side, you undoubtedly won’t get rich using Survey Junkie, nor will you make enough money to quit your job.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in making a bit of extra money in your free time, then it’s well worth seeing what the platform has to offer.

Before you get started with Survey Junkie, it is well worth spending the time reading our comprehensive review before all else. Within it, we’ll cover everything from how the process works, who is eligible to join, and perhaps, most importantly — how a lot of money you are likely to make.

Before we delve into the fundamentals, let’s take a brief look at who Survey Junkie actually is.

Survey Junkie

Who is Survey Junkie?

Launched in 2005 and based in California, Survey Junkie is a third-party platform that facilitates online surveys from the general public. In return for spending the time filling out surveys, the company pays you a small remuneration fee.

With a track record that now exceed 14 years, Survey Junkie has after all attracted more than 6 million members. Their reputation as a legitimate survey company is further highlighted in the public domain. They have more than 100,000 Facebook Likes, and a Trust Pilot score of 8.6/10. Survey Junkie is somewhat different from some of the more popular survey sites in operation, not least because they don’t basically difficulty the polls by themselves.

Survey Junkie Website

On the opposite, Survey Junkie as an alternative position you at direction of different programs. Like a consequence, Survey Junkie function like a middleman in the middle you and also the corporation that desires your own data. Even though at before all else glance this may possibly seem spammy, Survey Junkie has adopted this version victoriously after all their launching in 2005.

So you just know who Survey Junkie is, even within the future area of the guide we’re getting to research the method by which a survey procedure is proven to work.

Survey Junkie: How Does the Sign Up Process Work?

When you before all else go into the Survey Junkie homepage, then click the huge green button which claims “JOIN NOW”. In the event you would like’t have the link handy, you can go straight there by clicking here.

Just for signing up, you’ll earn 25 Survey Junkie points.

Account Signup

You will also need to verify your email address, which you can do by clicking on the link that Survey Junkie sends to your inbox. In doing so, you’ll earn yourself an additional 20 points. It is also worth taking the Survey Junkie website tour, as this will net you an additional 5 points. This takes your initial starting balance to 50 points. We’ll explain the points system in more detail further down.

NOTE: The points that you are awarded when you before all else register an account can vary. Survey Junkie regularly change this, however, at the time of writing the above is accurate.

Once you go through the quick and easy registration process, you then have the ability to start taking surveys. However, it is highly recommended that you before all else set up your profile to develop your chances of getting more surveys.


Completing Your User Profile

The key point here is that the surveys offered on the platform are not available to everyone. For instance, if the third party company that is paying for the survey wants data from those that have a strong passion for travel, they’ll want to ensure that they only get information from relevant participants.

As such, you’ll have the opportunity the answer a range of questions when you before all else sign up.

This is breach into seven key categories, which we’ve listed down from.

  • General Profile
  • Technology Profile
  • Shopping Profile
  • Health Profile
  • Household Profile
  • Interests Profile
  • Travel Profile

It is well worth spending the time completing all of the above categories to maximize the number of surveys you can take. Moreover, you’ll be awarded 50 additional points just for taking part.

Some information that the platform asks you for is quite personal, such as information pertaining to your medical history or household income. However, Survey Junkie claim that while your information is address, taking the virtual tour, and completing your user profile, this would transition into $1.


Now, while we appreciate that this is nothing to write home about, you need to remember that the platform has millions of users. It wouldn’t be feasible for Survey Junkie to pay for brand new end users large amounts only for enrolling. Like a consequence, you’ll develop your earning capacity by choosing as many polls as you are able to.

Although we’ll pay the bailed out procedure at detail farther down into our own review, then you will want to collect a total of 1000 Survey Junkie factors until you may earn a withdrawal. AT1 point each penny, that sums to the absolute minimal withdrawal of 10.

Survey Junkie: How Do Surveys Actually Work?

In regard to the discovering polls to choose, it is available from 2 chief shapes. Primarily you can go on to a own account space and determine exactly what polls have been available. All these may be polls which everybody is permitted carry, or rather, personalized designed for you personally dependent around the info which you provided through the installation procedure.

The different manner you may access polls would be by way of the stage’s invite-only program. This really is really where thirdparty businesses start looking for particular participants predicated on particular metrics, like your actual age, place, or even income. If you’re encouraged into these polls, subsequently you definitely’ll obtain a message describing the particulars.

This is the reason why it’s crucial to employ your main email when you enroll together with Survey Junkie, because the majority of the invite-only polls have tens of thousands of individuals which they will acknowledge.

Regardless which poll you opt to shoot, Survey Junkie will consistently say the number of things you’re very likely to get. This grants you the chance to find out whether the poll is more achievable, dependent around the predicted timeframe.

How many things does every questionnaire cover?

In terms of the number of things you could get a poll, this may range quite considerably. As an instance, if we before all else opted into this stage , we now chose a questionnaire on Celebrity stories that are new.

All that was demanded was to allow me personally to response a wide selection of multiplechoice questions predicated which particular news narrative we all saw most fascinating. Whilst the old expression goes, as a trained fighter might have finished this with simplicity, but maybe not because there aren’t any wrong or right replies. For the campaigns, we’re paid only fifty points, that means $0.50.

On the flip side we completed a200 points poll on our perspectives on budget. At brief we were demand plenty of queries like the kinds of shares we’d rather put money into, exactly what our approaches regarding hazard ended up, if maybe we’d utilize an internet asset broker, and also simply how a lot of cash we’d spent ourselves on the last 1 2 weeks.

This specific poll took us at your community about 20 minutes to finish, whereas the aforementioned Celebrity information poll happened only 5 minutes.

If we’re to make use of the fiscal investment poll for a example, our 200 factors, or $ two, could have accounted into a hourly cash flow of 6. But, you can both have a Survey Junkie poll which takes 30minutes to perform which pays only sixty points ($0.60). This will level into a hourly charge which compatible only $1.20.

How do I develop the range of polls I can be available?

There is apparently a significant disparity at the amount of polls people are provided about the Survey Junkie system. Up on surfing throughout the many on-line forums talking this stage, it looks like many users have been awarded more chances to shoot polls compared to some others.

On the 1 hand, your eligibility for additional survey invitations will probably be right down to a particular profile. That isn’t any style of realizing exactly what details just about every party business is searching for, therefore that it’s possible that desire will probably undergo peaks and troughs.

However, we’re also of this bel
ief the Survey Junkie algorithm accounts for the range of polls which you full. In case the algorithm deems which you’re carrying too lots of polls, it’s likely you will soon be penalized with the computer system. It really is very likely to keep you from looking to become through as many polls as you are able to, using Survey Junkie supposing you are not going to offer authentic and fair statistics. Afterall, its own thirdparty spouses are now paying real money cash for dependable and correct info they are able to subsequently utilize to their business requirements.


On the flip side, we’re also convinced that Survey Money frees users which don’t require enough polls. The stage gives taste to people who stay energetic about the stage long lasting. That really is exclusively tied-in using invite-only polls, due to the fact they would care to make certain they’ve sufficient qualified participants to the machine to fit up with the poll’s quota.

With that saidthis makes it ultra-challenging to understand exactly how quite a few polls to really consider. But that which you are able to do in order in order to develop your odds to be given more polls is always to be sure the info that you offer is true.

If you supply contradictory advice around multiple polls, subsequently your Survey Junkie algorithm will probably find yourself about this particular and probably punish you. 1 example is to say within 1 poll which you’ve went into 1-5 states within the last five decades, also at some other, say you’ve only erectile you.

Qualifier inquiries on Survey Junkie

When we at first took a Survey Junkie polls ourselves, now we struck several events where we now experienced to reply a few qualifier inquiries. Up on replying 3 5 non-technical queries, we’re subsequently instructed that we’re unable to select the poll. Even though it is marginally bothersome, we’re awarded a few of things for carrying component. Even though this may fluctuate from survey-to-survey, we’re given three points on each and every situation.

Once more, as a way to make certain which you are simply providing accurate and true info, there’s not any style of being aware of what exactly the qualifying concerns want. If you’d like, then it will enable one to remedy the inquiries at how you presumed Survey Junkie wished, using all the perspective of manually continuing towards the true survey .

The fantastic thing is you simply won’t need to engage in a qualifying round for all of the Survey Junkie surveys, as some surveys are open to all of its users. Furthermore, if you receive an invite-only survey via email, then you won’t must answer some questions that were qualifying, since you’ve been encouraged dependent in your own private account.

How Does the Pay-Out Process Work in Survey Junkie?

When it regards turning your Survey Junkie details to real money, you have to make sure you are in possession of the absolute minimum equilibrium of 1000 factors, which sums to $10. You may’t make partial withdrawals either. For example, if you reach 1,000 points, you can’t produce a little setback of five hundred factors. About the flip side, for those who own a harmony of 2000 factors and also you just wish to extract 1000 points, then it will be enabled.

In comparison with additional poll programs, that really is just a fantastic movement from Survey Junkie, since we usually encounter internet sites which put in at a minimal withdrawal $ fifty — more. It helps it be ultra-difficult to draw your earnings, so while you’d want to have a substantial variety of polls to truly cashout.

Neverthelessyou have two options as soon as it regards cost. First of all, all suitable Survey Junkie end users are going to have the option of withdrawing their dollars by PayPal. Should you choose to decide to join your PayPal accounts, the fantastic thing is the fact that concessions are usually instantaneous. The truth is that as so on because we implemented the lack petition, the capital were at our PayPal within just significantly less than five full minutes.

The next option readily available for you will be always to swap your Survey Junkie factors to get a card. You’ve got a couple options out there for your requirements personally, even though most end users elect to get an Amazon giftcard. You may just pick the giftcard option in the event that you’re situated from the U.S. Moreover, the present card has been delivered directly to you by means of e mail, that takes marginally more compared to the PayPal option. But you ought to get the giftcard less than the usual handful days.


Does Survey Junkie Charge any Fees or Commissions?

Fully inline together with the most important Survey Junkie headline of “No scams. No fees. No lies”, the stage doesn’t bill its end users almost any penalties. That would be usually to be predicted, perhaps not because you’re only ready to get very smaller quantities. As an alternative, Survey Junkie helps it be money out of the third party party businesses it spouses with.

While the stage doesn’t cost any commissions or fees for its own users, it’s crucial to remember that you just may possibly strike some penalties whenever you draw funds by way of PayPal.

The quantity you cover, if , will fundamentally count on the positioning your PayPal accounts is connected to. As mentioned before, Survey Monkey relies from the U.S., meaning if you’re situated else where from the Earth, also you’ll probable will need to cover a few penalties. This is going to definitely be within the shape of the transport fee, so in addition to exchange prices should you not make use of the U.S. buck because the main money.

Who is Eligible to Use Survey Junkie?

At the Right Time of composing, Survey Junkie Is Just Readily Available for consumers located from the U.S., Canada, along with Australia. Therefore, in the event you’re situated elsewhere, then you won’t be able to join. We have read reports that some users have attempted to open an account by using a VPN, with the view of bypassing the country restrictions.

However, Survey Junkie are fully aware of this, so you should not make an attempt to beat the system. In fact, Survey Junkie state if you are found to breach its jurisdictional terms, then your account will be suspended and you will not be paid for the work you completed. It remains to be seen if Survey Junkie will support additional countries in the near future.

The only other condition that you need to be made aware of it that all Survey Junkie users must be at least 13 years of age. This is good, as it allows those under the age of 18 to earn additional flows of income in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, some surveys are tailored specifically to teenagers, so there is plenty of opportunities to make money.

How do I Contact Survey Junkie?

There might be the odd occasion where you need to contact the customer service team at Survey Junkie. This might be because you haven’t already been blamed to get a questionnaire you chose, or there’s just a delay in acquiring your pulled finances.

The sole means you may get in touch with Survey Junkie is by way of the internet contact type. Please notice, Survey Junkie make clear which you simply may perhaps not get a response for 57 trading times. It really is really pretty bad, but however, it’s notably clear once you consider that Survey Junkie features a tiny team that’s accountable for about 6million end users.

If the query or worry isn’t linked into payment or points problems, you then ought to discover the solution you want over the FAQ webpage. The truth is that we all discovered the assist centre is hugely considerable, with the majority of questions coated.

Survey Junkie Review: The Verdict?

In short, Survey Junkie does what it really says on the tin. As soon as it’s the case which y
ou simply won’t get rich by using the platform, nor will you earn enough to make a full-time income, Survey Junkie is great if you’re looking to earn a bit of extra cash. The main selling point is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home, and you don’t want some prior abilities or expertise to participate in

Most importantly, the Survey Junkie consistently pays its end users punctually, and also we see they are rather transparent using everything they request you personally.

The sole complaint we have with all the stage is the fact that it is difficult to get a quick answer by the consumer support group, using a mean reply-time of 57 trading times.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

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  • Easy to Use
  • $10 Minimum Cashout
  • PayPal Cashout
  • 100 percent Legit


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