SwagBucks Review 20-19: Earn Money & Gift Cards Online – Is it Legit?

Swagbucks Review

Are you in a posture in which you’re trying to make a little supplemental income at your home? While quite a few options are in your disposal, then nothing really is as uncomplicated as registering upto and including survey site.

In brief, on the web survey programs for example as for instance Swagbucks can give a tiny sum of cash for offering your view over the reach of niche locations. This really is any such thing in dwelling improvement, into this brand new Apple iPhone, for a preferred vacation location!

Howeverthe essential term is’small’ — since you’ve undoubtedly won’t get rich by joining a survey platform, nor will you be able to earn anywhere near enough money to do it full-time.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking about joining Swagbucks for your online survey needs, be sure to read our comprehensive review. We cover everything from how the platform work, who is eligible, how many you can realistically earn, whether it can be trusted, and more.

Let’s start by exploring what Swagbucks actually is.


What is Swagbucks?

Launched way back in 2005 and backed by parent company Prodege — Swagbucks is a third-party survey platform that matches everyday consumers with companies that are looking for data. By data, we mean personal surveys to gauge the opinions and viewpoints of the general public.

In return for your time, the companies that are partnered with Swagbucks will pay you a small fee. However, rather than initially being paid in real-world cash, Swagbucks will pass your earnings on in the form of’Swagbucks Points’. Much like in the case of a traditional rewards program, these points can then be traded in for money or gift cards — once you meet the minimum threshold.

According to the Swagbucks platform itself, the company has paid out more than $375 million in either cash or gift card earnings after all its inception in 2005. Regarding the latter, Swagbucks also claim that they are now processing more than 7,000 gift card awards each and every day.

Swagbucks Website

On top of answering traditional surveys, the Swagbucks platform also allows you to earn additional points for completing other tasks. This includes watching videos, signing up to websites, or buying goods and services online. However, the core of the Swagbucks business model centres on its native survey framework.

Finally, and as we will cover in more detail further down — although it costs nothing to join the platform, Swagbucks is only available to residents of certain countries. On top of the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand, the platform is only available in Germany, India, Portugal, and Spain.

So now that you have a general idea of what Swagbucks is, let’s explore how the process actually works.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

In order to understand the full ins and outs of Swagbucks, it’s probably best that we take you through the end-to-end process. As such, let’s start with the account opening process.

Opening an Account at Swagbucks

As we noted earlier, it costs nothing to join Swagbucks. You’ll initially be demand to enter your email address, and you’ll need to choose a strong password. Regarding your email address, we would suggest creating a new, dedicated email address that you should use primarily for Swagbucks.

The comprehension for this is that you are likely to start receiving quite a lot of promotional emails — especially if you start signing up to websites with the view of earning points.

Nevertheless, as soon as you confirm your email address, you’ll officially have a Swagbucks account

Swagbucks Signup

After signup you will see some initial offers you can do straight away or you can click through to the member dashboard and begin exploring everything that’s available to you.

Note: If you are situated in a non-eligible country, don’t even make an effort to acquire beyond that. Once your team in Swagbucks see, you’ll immediately lose each one your Swagbucks factors along with your own accounts is going to be closed !

Earning Swagbucks Points

So today you might have opened your own Swagbucks accounts, you’re now prepared to begin earning a few things.

Member Dashboard

Your members dash is stuffed with options to begin making Swagbucks — Let’s split the home earning stations into detail.


The simplest means to start earning a Swagbucks details will be always to begin watching a few video clips. The type of video clips you are going to undoubtedly be’watching’ will fluctuate very considerably. This can possibly be such a thing in an viral online video into some traditional advertisement.

VideosExample of Sponsored Videos it is possible to observe

Whether you truly observe the online video can be your own prerogative, insofar that several Swagbucks end users only possess the video clip playing at the backdrop. But with each and every online video averaging 15 30 moments, then you’ll commonly get 2 3 Swagbucks factors each online video. According to the Swagbucks stage , you’re able to make a max of one hundred fifty points every day by seeing movies.

Swagbucks Search Engine

If you’re searching to continue to keep your Swagbucks things tally ticking collectively through the duration of your afternoon, why do not consider employing the Swagbucks search-engine?

Search EngineSwitch into the Swagbucks Search Engine For Much More Earnings

The searchengine is endorsed by Yahoo, which means that you’ll haven’t any difficulties with all the look for outcome which the default yields. You may in fact earn medially 10 20 Swagbucks factors daily for executing all around 20 every day hunts, therefore that it’s worth considering.


First and foremost, there wouldn’t be any use in acquiring services and goods by way of the Swagbucks cash-back scheme only with the intention of getting Swagbucks factors. But in the event that you wish to obtain some thing any way, why do not take action as a result of a Swagbucks connection?

CashbackEarn Cashback in your own buys

Essentially, this app functions primarily at precisely the similarly manner as every other other cash-back strategy, insofar which you simply’ll obtain details for each which you just spend. As an instance, in the event you should obtain your weekly grocery from Asda Online, you’d buy two points each inch of the spending.

Download Specific Apps

Although this bringing in opportunity may possibly seem a bit laborious, even yet more it might enable one to begin shifting your things tally alongside. In certain instances, whatever you want to accomplish would be your Google Play or even Apple Stores, down load an program, also you also’ll get a predetermined number of factors.

AppsInstall Apps & Computer Games

Some programs allow one to get more things in the event that you play certain consideration purposes. As an instance, you may possibly want to put in a match and access into a selected grade. This really can be a method for video game programmers to store their games to a broader market, and that’s the reason you’ve got the chance to get paid Swagbucks factors.


The optimal/optimally opportunity you must reevaluate your Swagbucks things is always to activate in as many polls as possible. While a few on-line polls are given to most end users, several select accounts. The overall consensus is this is primarily arbitrary, which means you will have to continue to keep a look from your own mails, as several of those polls are’invite-only’.

Online SurveysAnswer polls to improve your earnings

Nevertheless, surveys may vary in comprehensiveness, insofar they are able to take any such thing out of only three full minutes of one’s period up to 20 seconds. Surveys may cover medially 40 100 Swagbucks details, with all no more polls of course committing longer.

Daily Tasks

One of the simplest methods to continue to keep your Swackbucks factors plotted together well would be always to create the attempt of finishing your day-to-day targets. In the event you click on the’To Do List’ — that will be found about the left of one’s Swagbucks dashboard, then you’ll be exhibited along with eight different tasks which ought to get done daily.

Daily PollComplete Daily pursuits like surveys

This might possibly be a mixture of polls, video clips, along with program downloads. During the time you’re below no duty to finish all of eight responsibilities, in doing this that you are going to get reward Swagbucks factors.

Refer Your Friends

If you might have some goo
d friends or relatives which may be thinking about earning more cash around the side, then why don’t you suggest the Swagbucks system? For every single participant that you simply sign-up, then you’ll obtain 300 Swagbucks factors.

Moreover, you’ll also get 10 percent of most Swagbucks factors which the called associates get — indefinitely! Please notice, to be able to get the referral bonus, then the enrolled user needs to get atleast 300 Swagbucks points, so and therefore do keep this in your mind.


This specific earning chance may possibly perhaps not be to everyone, but perhaps not because you have to devote some your hard-earned Swagbucks things as a way to get into.

Howeverit’s however some thing really worth considering. Most contests demand 2 Swagbucks things to input, but decorations might be quite important. In the event you’re lucky enough to gain a tech-related product or service (such as an iPhone or digicam ), then you may possibly secure a significant pile of Swagbucks factors.

Checking your Swagbucks Points

In order to continue to keep monitoring of the number of Swagbucks things you deserve so much, head into a own account dash and pick exactly the’My SB’ button. The moment you simply click the’Ledger’ button, then you now will be capable of seeing the complete break down of each the things that you deserve.

What exactly are Swagbucks Points Worth?

So today you own a business knowledge of the way you are able to collect Swagbucks points, then we’re going to research just how the points level to real life benefits.

First and foremost, the wages might be traded for cash or gift cards. More over — and maybe above all, just about every Swagbucks thing which you get sums to $0.01 in wages. By way of instance, in case you should finish a 20-minute poll and also you were compensated one hundred Swagbucks points, then then that will total a real estate financial price of 1.

In actuality, this really is entirely miniature in contrast for the quantity of time which you’re expected to devote. Coupled with exactly precisely the similarly case, in the event that you accomplished about three 20-minute polls at one hundred factors each poll, this might return 300 factors each day. In real cash, such sums to only $5 a hour. This really is the reason you may be advisable to stay together with tasks which give a far better time-to-points reward.

Nevertheless, permit’s look at that which you may swap your details for.

What do I do With my Swagbucks Points? Funds and Gift Cards

Exchange to Get Cash

If you would like to swap your Swagbucks things for cold-hard money then your sole option readily available for your requirements will be always to obtain the amount by means of your PayPal accounts. First, the minimal cash out brink is 2,500 Swagbucks details, that sums to your 25 PayPal voucher.

Until you attain this particular figure, you won’t be able to make a withdrawal. After this, PayPal cash-out requests go up in $25 increments. As there is no guarantee that you will reach the next increment, you are best advised to cash-out every time you reach $25.

Take note, when you request a withdrawal from Swagbucks, the PayPal account must hold the similarly email address that you used when you before all else signed up. As we suggested earlier in our guide that you should set up a dedicated email address for your Swagbucks endeavours, this is something that you need to bear in mind.

Moreover, PayPal withdrawals are painstakingly slow with Swagbucks. Although the specific amount of time can vary, the general consensus is that this typically takes medially 10-14 days. This is a major pit-full to using Swagbucks, as there is no comprehension why withdrawals should take this long.

Gift Cards

If you’re happy to accept a gift card for your Swagbucks point instead of cash, then you have the choice of Amazon or Zalando. In some cases, it can actually be more beneficial to opt for a gift card. First and foremost, Amazon gift cards start at just $5, meaning that you can cash-out your Swagbucks points many quicker.

For this, you would need to earn 500 Swagbucks points, which shouldn’t require you overly much time especially as soon as you undergo the introductory actions. What’s more, Swagbucks will some times offer you discounts because of its own cards. As an instance — during that right time of producing, you also can find an 5 Euro Amazon giftcard to get only five hundred Swagbucks factors.

RewardsSwap your SB to get Giftcards

When we did the conversion rate, 5 Euros sums to $5.48. It follows you will obtain a supplementary $0.48 when picking to get an Amazon card denominated in Euros, rather than US bucks. Even though these special discounts really are not anything to write home about, it’s worth considering.

In regard to the principles, the moment you redeem your preferred gift card, then you will then have to check the petition via a message verification, also you also’ll additionally have to response quite a few of stability inquiries. Similar to in case of an PayPal cashout, obtaining your present card sometimes takes a laborious 1014 times, and it is quite gradual.

Donate to Charity

If for any comprehension you opt never to make use of the money or giftcard option, Swagbucks will let you give your gathered things . Now you just have to get 5 Swagbucks things to try it, which sums into a real life worth of 0.05.

Do Swagbucks Points Have an Expiry Date?

As per the Swagbucks provisions and requirements, you are going to just have just two decades to swap your own accumulated things until they die. Once more, that is precisely why you ought to cashout your things in the before all else opportunity, rather than permitting them to build.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

In short, the Swagbucks system is exceptionally secure to work with. This stage was offering its own products and services after all 2005, that causes it to be perhaps one of their absolute most recognized advantages internet sites from the room. Provided that you don’t breach the stage’s provisions and requirements, you’ll don’t have any problems getting paid off.

By thiswe suggest trying to enroll a account by the non-supported nation, trying to open up numerous balances, or bypassing surveys as rapidly as achievable.

Regarding the last position, the inherent algorithm which affirms Swagbucks is going to require to realize which you’re really finishing the questionnaire seriously. If you’re receiving by way of a 20-minutes poll in less-than 5-minutes, then that may possibly be flagged up.

Swagbucks Customer Service

One of the greatest negatives about utilizing this Swagbucks system would be its own client support division. With a huge number of associates employing the internet site in any particular time, Swagbucks only doesn’t have enough staff to respond to requests in a speedy manner.

In fact, Swagbucks themselves state that it can take around 5 business days to respond to account queries. As such, if you’re missing some Swagbucks points or you’re looking for an update on your cash-out, be prepared for a long wait.

The only way to speak with a member of the customer service team is via an online support ticket. As such, there is no live chat or telephone support facility.

Swagbucks Reddit

If you are a Redditor, then you can find out a whole lot more about Swagbucks and chat to other members in the r/swagbucks sub-reddit. This is a popular and busy forum which has over 40,000 members so you can quickly get an answer to any questions you may have or just discuss earning with other people.

Swagbucks Customer Reviews

In terms of reviews available in the public domain, Swagbucks actually does very well. For example, across more than 14,000 individual reviews, Swagbucks has a TrustPilot rating of 4.5/5.

Trustpilot ReviewsTaking into account the sheer number of reviews, this is a very good sign. The negative reviews that we did come across were mainly centered on customer support.

Swagbucks Review: The Bottom Line?

If you’ve read our Swagbucks review from start to finish, you should now have a comprehensive overview of how the platform works. More importantly, you should now know whether or not the Swagbucks platform is worth your time.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that Swagbucks is never going to earn you enough income to replicate a full-time job. On the contrary, you should only consider using it when you have a bit of spare time. By taking the odd survey, watching the occasional video, and using the Swagbucks search engine, you have a chance to accumulate points over time.

Just make sure that you cash-out your points once you reach the minimum threshold!



Swagbucks Review

Ease of Use






Customer Support





  • Free to Join
  • Easy to Use Website & App
  • Plenty of Ways to Earn
  • Excellent Reputation – A Top Survey Company
  • Referral System to Earn More


  • Customer Service can be Slow
  • Requires time & Effort
  • Not Available in All Countries